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Three Pelicans on the blue bay waterAustralasian Darter flying over the blue bay waterWillie Wagtail on wire fence with green backgroundLittle sparrow in the treeLittle sparrow in the treeSeagull in flight in the afternoon lightPelican in flight over the blue bay waterFour Pelicans with bright pink billsFour Pelicans from behindFour Pelicans and reflectionsPelican and reflectionPelican in flight, landing gear down with reflectionPelican in flight and reflectionThree Pelicans with bright pink billsFive Pelicans with bright pink billsFour Pelicans with bright pink billsEarly morning sparkles on the water with a mallard duckRainbow Lorikeet looking for nectar and pollen in the yellow banMallard ducks in the waterPied Cormorant on rock covered in oysters in the bay