Hi, my name is Merrillie Redden and these days I am a Landscape, Aerial and Sports Photographer but a few years back I was a Web Administrator by day and a photographer every other minute that I could squeeze in. 

When I fell in love with photography I spent every spare moment I could with a camera in my hand or sitting at the computer processing photos. Nothing much has changed except I also like to fly my drone now, oh and I have retired from the web administrator job but I haven't really learned how to be retired, I just have more time for photography :-)

My passion (other than my family) is starting the day with sunrise by the water. I enjoy doing a variety of photography including landscapes, nature, sports, events, and family photography. 

My photography kit includes 2 cameras, multiple lenses from telezoom to wide angle, flashes for indoor photography and a drone for aerial photos.

The Highlights:

  • being there for that moment when the sky puts on a performance during sunrise and sunset
  • photographing AFL Sydney Premier Division Football, mastering those sporting shots
  • falling in love with drones, currently flying the DJI Mavic 3, and enjoying the different perspectives that aerial photography provides for photos
  • astrophotography - learning to shoot in the dark, capturing the stars, milky way, and night sky.

The Unexpected but Very Cool:

  • being invited to include some of my work in a photography exhibition at The Entrance Art Gallery
  • having my photography work feature in books and magazines including:
    - inspiring a jewellery designer Paula Crevoshay with one of her designs which was also included in her book 'Art of the Jewel'
    - the book cover for 'The Araucaria Project - Improving the cosmic distance scale'
  • one of my photos became a very large wall mural in a Maitland Medical Center
  • walking into the local post office one day and discovering a whole souvenir display that featured one of my pelican photos
  • the thrill of discovering two of my photos, blown up very large and on display on the outside of our local shopping centre in Woy Woy where they stayed for a few years
  • having the opportunity to tour and photograph around the Paradise Botanical Gardens at Kulnura and Broken Bay Pearl Farm thanks to COAST Publishing
  • being one of 3 winners in our local MPs inaugural local photography competition, having afternoon tea with them, and finding out your photo will be hung in Parliament House.
  • At the beginning of 2024 I have reached the milestone of 10,000 photo sales (which does not include sport, events and family), the vast majority of these sales are from stock sites.

I live in Woy Woy on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and if you are local and looking for someone to photograph and record those special moments for you, please keep me in mind and call for a chat and quote on 0411264163.

This website www.merrillie.com has discounted downloading options for High Resolution for Print and Low Resolution for Web including bulk deals for businesses. High-quality prints can also be ordered by contacting Merrillie directly for a quote.


Merrillie is on Facebook, Instagram and Flickr.